Questions & Answers

  • What is the Game Vector?

The Game Vector is a Game Recovery System designed to assist the bowhunter in the recovery of mortally wounded game.
Development began in 2009.  Since then there has been continual research and developmentto constantly improve the product.  The current product, GameVector 300 is the most advanced Game Recovery System in the world.  

  • How does the Game Vector work?

The patented Game Vector transmitter, called the Hiderider 300, Is a small module that is attached to the hunters arrow or bolt.  Upon impact it is released from the arrow and the transmitter is turned on. Its signal can be picked up by the Game Vector directional receiver which directs the hunter to the downed game.

  • Where does the Game Vector attach?

The Game Vector transmitter, called the HideRider™, attaches directly behind the broadhead on the arrow shaft.

  • Can my hunting buddy and I share a Game Vector receiver?

Yes, the Game Vector receiver can be shared. Hunting clubs and outfitters can purchase a receiver to be used by multiple hunters.

  • Will the HideRider™ transmitter affect the arrow flight?

Click here to view a demonstration video showing there is no impact on arrow flight. It of course adds a small amount of weight to the arrow thus making the arrow drop at long distance. Click here to read an independent study on the HideRider’s impact on arrow flight.

  • Will my bow sights need to be adjusted for the Game Vector?

No adjustment is normally needed for common bow hunting range. One should be sure and shoot the practice capsules to assure accuracy before hunting.

  • Does the HideRider™ stay attached to the arrow?

No, upon impact the HideRider™ attaches itself to the animal and detaches from the arrow.

  • What is the range of the Game Vector?

RF radio waves are effected by terrain and other conditions so distance will vary somewhat. The game can lie on the transmitter reducing distance as well. The range can be up to two miles in optimal conditions. However, in hunting conditions the range is typically a few hundred yards.

  • Can the HideRider™ transmitter be reused?

The HideRider™ can be reused if not damaged.  It is activated when it leaves the arrow and can be easily turned off to stop transmission andbattery drain.  The battery life of over 30 hours is often enough for multiple uses.

  • What kind of broadhead can I use?

The Hiderider has been designed to fit a broad range of broadheads.  There are however, hundreds of broadhead designs on the market.  

  • Can you get a replacement HideRider™ with the Game Vector System?

Yes, the HideRider™ transmitters can be purchased separately. They are available in 0ne, three and six packs.

  • What is the battery life of the HideRider™?

The HideRider™ battery life is over 30 hours after the shot..

  • What happens if the shot is not a mortally wounding shot?

The HideRider™ will eventually fall off of the animals hide with no harm to the animal.

  • Can the HideRider™ be used with a crossbow?

Yes, the latest version, the Hiderider 300, has been designed to be used with todays high speed bows and cross bows.